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Data available over the past twenty years reveal that in approximately 30% of cases pathology is found in the man alone, and in another 20% both the man and woman are abnormal.

Therefore, the male factor is at least partly responsible in about 50% of infertile couples.

Infertility is usually defined as the inability to conceive after a minimum of one year of unprotected intercourse. Since most people are able to conceive within this time, physicians recommend that couples unable to do so be assessed for fertility problems.

It has been shown that the longer a couple remains subfertile, the worse their chance for an effective cure. In addition, many couples experience significant apprehension and anxiety after only a few months of failure to conceive.

In men, hormone disorders, illness, reproductive anatomy trauma and obstruction, and sexual dysfunction can temporarily or permanently affect sperm and prevent conception. Some disorders become more difficult to treat the longer they persist without treatment.

The most common identifiable cause of infertility in men is varicocele. This is a condition of enlarged veins in the scrotum that causes abnormalities in the temperature regulation of the testis. If this temperature is elevated by even one degree, sperm and testosterone production are adversely affected.

The good news though is that more than one-half of cases of male infertility can be corrected. Treatment may help a couple get pregnant through normal sexual intercourse. Even if you can't get pregnant in this way, you may not need expensive or invasive treatments to get pregnant.

If the man needs surgery to correct the problem that is causing his infertility, it can be an outpatient procedure. This means he doesn't have to stay in the hospital overnight, even if there is no way of conceiving naturally, there is always IVF treatment available as a last resort.


cause of infertility

cause of infertility

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