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When men have difficulty maintaining an erection, it is often due to a condition known as erectile dysfunction, or impotence. 

Glucose has to do with the amount of sugar in the blood, so when the blood sugar level drops, then the penis is deprived of the blood it needs to maintain an erection. Receiving proper treatment for diabetes may help significantly.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be caused by a venous leak. Basically, it means there is a leak in the blood vessel somewhere, and it is preventing the penis from obtaining and maintaining an erection. Contact a medical health care professional for advice on taking care of the issue.

Another cause of erectile dysfunction has to do with neurovascular functions. Special nerves send signals to the brain, and if they are not working properly than an erection cannot be maintained. This type of problem can occur while taking certain medications. You must pay close attention to anti depressant medications, because they can affect neurovascular functions. On a more positive note, there are also medications on the market that can aid in erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing a decrease in sexual appetite, you may also want to get your testosterone level checked. Although very rare, erectile dysfunction in a man may be caused by a low hormone level.

Sometimes men who are impotent experience nocturnal erections. These occur while the man is sleeping, and often a person may or may not remember achieving an erection.

There are psychological factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Depression, anxiety, nervousness, all of these and more should be addressed as possible causes.

Remember that your emotions, combined with proper blood circulation and neural function all contribute towards achieving and maintaining an erection. Erectile dysfunction occurs most commonly among men who are sixty five years and older, but men who are much younger can experience the symptoms as well.

If you feel that you are having symptoms, contact your doctor and get tested. Remember to list all the medications you are currently taking, and also bring any information that you have concerning any psychological issues you may be struggling with.

erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

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