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Male Mid-Life Crisis

Men can suddenly begin make weird things than he usually doesn't. They can have plans for giving up theirs sales job, taking all their savings and go to South America to find a cure for cancer. He can be able to shave his head, buy a sport car and pick up an 18-year old girlfriend.

Men notice that their enthusiasm and great virility are slowly decreasing when they reach the age of 40 and onwards. This is when males experience hair loss, bone loss, insomnia or other sleeping disorders and problems with memory and calculation. Male Mid-Life Crisis is called also 'male menopause,' male midlife crisis is not nice for anybody.

Men can have thease symptoms:

Loss of libido (sex drive)
Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
Stiffness in the muscles and joints
Night sweats
Dry skin
Hair loss
Weight gain
A loss of ability to recover quickly from injuries

Testosterone is a hormone that helps keep sex drive, body hair, muscle, and bone, the effect of andropause slowly go forth as a man ages.

Mid-life crisis has a great importance in the quality of most men’s lives. Life is finally taking its toll on the aging body. Andropause can lead to other long-term and silent effects such as increased cardiovascular risk and osteoporosis.

But you can opt to battle it out and alleviate or even avoid the symptoms brought about by andropause. You should have a strategy that comprises lifestyle approaches such as optimal diet, regular exercise, reduce stress and worry, take on new challenges, talk more freely about you midlife anxieties and reduction of tobacco and alcohol intake.

Mid-life crisis conjures up images of a dissatisfied man in middle age who suddenly goes through a series of sudden and violent changes of behaviour. Coping with male midlife crisis is not easy.

crisis in man midlife

crisis in man midlife

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