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Zinc and fertility

Infertility is defined as an unability to conceive after one year or more of regular sexual activity without the use of a contraceptive.

The number of men suffering from male infertility is astonishing. Many causes have been linked as contributory factors to infertility in men, including: Alcohol, smoking, drugs, pollutions and stress. Much research has been done in this subject matter and medical community concludes that Zinc may hold the answer to increasing fertility in subfertile men.

Many of the health benefits of Zinc have been know for quite sometime. Zinc is necessary for:

  • Biochemical reactions to take place within your body
  • To support healthy immune system
  • Healing cuts and bruises
  • Helping you maintain a sense of taste and smell
  • Growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence

Zinc is a wide-ranging mineral and it contains over 200 of the body's enzymes. Semen and its constituents generally contain high volume of zinc. Zinc deficiency leads to decreased numbers of sperm and impotence in men.

Recently completed study has brought yet another proof of the link between Zinc and the production of sperm by the testicles. A group of men were given daily supplements of Folic Acid and Zinc Sulphate in order to assess their effect on spermatogenesis. The researchers found that the two substances had significantly increased the sperm concentration in subfertile men. Although the mechanisms involved in the concentration of sperm are still unclear and require further studying, it is quite clear that Zinc and the Folic Acid can help men who are less fertile to conceive children.

Men interested in improved sperm production should consider a zinc sumplementation. The daily dose of 66 milligrams of Zinc Sulphate are safe, since none of the men involved in the study has reported any side effects. This means that you can supplement your own daily intake of minerals, although you should talk the matter with a doctor before putting yourself at any kind of risk.

benefit zinc

benefit zinc

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