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How to enlarge your balls

Many men ask themselves if it is achievable to make larger their testicles. Big balls represents manliness and power. This is the reason that men like to have penis and testicles larger.

The scrotum is a protuberance of skin and muscle containing the testicles. It can go up and down in order to protect the testicles or to facilitate spermatogenesis and ejaculation. As men are aging, the testicles start making smaller. For some men it can be a lot of embarrassment.

Nevertheless, the scrotum can be larger with the help of a surgical operation. The scrotal wall comprises of seven separate layers. In this surgical procedure fat cells from other parts of the body are injected into the layers. It appears that even a small quantity of fat can make the testes look a lot bigger.

The surgical operation of making testes bigger is restricted at the moment to men who are not keen on having kids, since there is no proof that the sperm count is not affected. Also, the added layer of fat can result in harder diagnosis of cancer.

Still, the good news is that fat is not reabsorbed by the body. It was the early reports. In future certainly we will know more about this procedure.

big male testicles

big male testicles

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