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Legends behind semen

While Christian religion sees sex as a fundamentally dirty and degrading act, other religions and people had different thoughts.

In some beliefs semen is a liquid with magic attributes that can be used to increase the natural powers of people. Some pagans say that semen holds the power of the male, which can be transferred to female through sex. Some rituals include the sexual intercourse between a priestess and two or more males in order to increase her powers.

Tantra is an esoteric custom rooted in the religions of India, a body of beliefs and practices that differ little from sect to sect. Some Tantra rites include sex, but the reputation of religion of sex Tantra has in Europe or America is ridiculous.

Semen as a magic liquid was also a basic element in many other secret theories and practices in Europe and America. Occult figures like Aleister Crowley spoke about the power of sex and its importance in a magic context. As well, semen was believed to be an orign of power and one of the fashions that set the occult world of fire last century was that men should never ejaculate in order to increase their powers.

male semen

male semen

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