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Weight Loss Surgery Without A Scar?

With approximately 34 percent of Americans predicted to be clinically obese in comparison to the 32.7% who are overweight, the increasing obesity epidemic has encouraged many medical trials into making cosmetic surgery safer.

The latest dubbed POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) is formulated to aid obese individuals with a body mass of 28-33 to shift between 30 and 50 pounds in excess weight without suffering from deformity and the health problems of traditional cosmetic surgery.

And based on first impressions it appears to work…

By inserting an endoscope down the stomach of the dieter, cosmetic surgeons are able to suture the top part of the stomach shut and make it a third smaller

Does its work?

The objectivebehind this weight loss procedure – which is undergoing testing – is to take the part of the stomach that stretches the most and prevent its capacity to expand.

Yet, this procedure is already much concernabout its capacity to promote safe weight loss. Dieters are believed to only be able to eat a few mouthfuls per meal before becoming full, a nutrient consumption that isn’t enough for a healthy body.

Typically the body needs approximately 1,200-1,500 calories per day to help your organs, cells and digestive system to work. Don’t eat enough and your organs won’t be able to function.

So whilst this cosmetic procedure being able to cause fast weight loss, overthe long term it can be damaging to your body weight – especially as practitioners are confident these sutures will last for life.

Can I lose weight safely?

The safestroute to witness safe, lasting weight loss is to eat healthily and regular exercise. Yet, if you need support jumpstarting your weight loss, this can easily be acquired without undergoing surgery.

The assistance of a clinically provenweight loss pill such as natural appetite suppressant Proactol can offer you with the aid you want to take control of your diet; remove up to 30%of your dietary fat consumptionand benefit from weight loss that is risk free.

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weight loss surgery

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