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Are Stomach Balloons The Future For Obese Patients?

The last 20+ years have offered the weight loss market a number of different surgical procedures for fighting obesity – gastric bypasses included. Yet despite the 2006 directive which required all Centers to have qualified staff and tools, these methods of cosmetic surgeries are still very risky.

Even following recent enhancements where complication rates have dropped by 2.2% from 12.2% of patients to 10%, and the 30 day mortality rate have reduced from 0.28% to 0.20% (a 0.08% drop) – these enhancements are small miniscule when you factor in the hundreds of thousands of individuals who signup for these surgeries …

Yet, hope could be around the corner for obese patients if the ReShape Medical’s dual balloon design is approved by the FDA.

Structured to help obese patients who fall have a BMI above or below the required guidelines for gastric bypass and laparoscopic gastric band placements procedures, or who are too young for such critical surgeries; the dual action balloon system could easily support this overlooked niche.

Currently, the dual action balloon mechanism is inserted into a patient’s throat using a tube before being pumped with saline. As these 2 oval sections are inflated, slimmer’s will begin to feel full and decrease their appetite and lose excess lbs.

And, once patients attain their ideal weight loss, this balloon device can quickly be removed without risk.

Currently, this dual action balloon is planned to complete its first clinical trial at the beginning of May where 30 consumers across 3 medical centers will be implanted with the balloon. Should it be found to be safe, this study will be extended to 350 consumers across ten surgeries and eventually will be presented to the FDA for permission to be used.

Is the balloon safe?

It is undeniable that this double balloon mechanism could essentially help thousands of slimmers who are either under 18 or suffer from diabetes, heart disease and severe joint problems to lose those excess lbs, but this double-balloon has got a long way to go before it is deemed safe.

Twenty six years ago a similar single balloon system was produced by Garren-Edwards . However, with no backup membrane to prevent leakages, this balloon was prone to rupturing and venturing into the small intestine where it caused serious blockages. As a result this product was quickly taken off the market.

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